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Unlimited free access to all of the content in the Artlantis Media Store is an included benefit of the Artlantis RT²Silver Service Contract. However, if you are outside of your 12-month service contract period and do not wish to renew, or if you are using an older version of Artlantis, you may purchase additional media credits for use with the in-app Artlantis Media Store. Choose from a collection of thousands of professionally produced, Artlantis-optimized Shaders (materials for stone, woods, metals, glazing, roofs, walls, pavers, landscape, and many other categories), 3D Objects (plants, cars, animated and posable people, furniture, equipment, and many other everyday items, etc.), and Billboards (flat photo-objects of people, plants, signs, objects, etc.).

Artlantis Media Store Credits

  • New media credit vouchers are typically delivered via email within 1 - 2 business days from purchase. Media credits are used in the Artlantis Media Store within the Artlantis application.

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